Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fair Trade October

Today, in celebration of Fair Trade month, I am highlighting Satch & Sol out of Seattle.  Satch & Sol offers the sweetest, most unique children's items.  The first time I saw their cozy little slippers was on Waldorf Mama's blog.  I loved the look of the slippers, but when I found out that the company only carries fair trade goods, I was plain smitten!
Satch & Sol describes their business practices in this way:

Satch & Sol partners only with artists involved in fair trade entities. Satch & Sol is applying for membership to the Fair Trade Federation.
To Satch & Sol, Fair Trade translates simply to paying appropriate amounts for handmade products no matter where in the world they are created. Under fair trade conditions, artists are better able to earn and provide livable wages, child labor is prohibited, communities are economically strengthened, and families are more able to live together versus searching out work at far away factories.

Not only are there these delightful slippers, but they also offer mittens, hats, sweaters, hair bows, purses and ornaments.  And while you will pay more for these products than let's say, at the Big Blue Box store on the highway, just remember that there is a reason their items are so cheap.  Somewhere along the way, someone is being marginalized.  

 To celebrate Fair Trade month, Satch & Sol is generously offering a 15% discount on all of their beautiful goods!  Just use the savings code FB15.

Thank you Satch & Sol for the good work that you do!  And double thanks for the discount!


Traci said...

Mandi, I love these too. I was thinking of knocking off the hat and mittens so to speak for frugalities sake for the children..not to sell..just for us of course. Great products.

mandi said...


I know what you mean. Frugality is a must over here too! I made the kids hats and mittens last year from a thrift store sweater


if you're interested

JOHANNA said...

those slippers are so cute!!! Mary has to have some, she just must have them, she told me....