Monday, October 11, 2010

current events

1.  I may have inadvertently bought my 4 year old son a pair of skinny jeans this weekend.

2.  Anyone else mildly disturbed by the images of the half naked Chilean miners?  I know- it is a serious situation and I would love to stay abreast of the details, but there's just one too many pair of ninnies staring back at me.  Can't even read the article.

3.  I planted garlic for the first time this weekend!  I also planted store bought transplants.  GASP!!!  I was, on the one hand, ashamed of myself, but on the other hand, giddy over how I now have an instant garden with actual plants!

4.  Know what's cuter than an old man?  A little boy that likes to dress like an old man!

5.  Our house is almost 3/4 completely painted!  Right now it looks a little like a mullet.  The front is completely different from the back.  But we're getting there!

6.  I'm featuring a great company tomorrow for Fair Trade October.  They are even giving us a special discount!  Stay tuned!

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