Saturday, September 25, 2010

tortillas for heather

My friend Heather, her husband Aaron, and their four boys have recently moved to Haiti as missionaries.  I cannot express how proud I am of these people!  I'm like a mama hen!  They are experiencing some really hard things- as you can imagine.  But they are there.  They're doing it.   Please take a minute to check out Heather's blog and read her words about what her family is experiencing.  It is a daily must read for me.  It helps me align my thoughts.  Keeps things in perspective.

Haiti is a different world from where we live.  Heather often refers to it as a different planet.  Things that are givens here are hard and complicated there.  Everyday I think about this family that I love.  I pray for them several times a day.  And usually, I wish that I could bring a pot of soup over to them.  Or maybe some muffins.  Well, I can't.  So the next best thing I can do is offer a recipe or two.

For those of you non-Texans reading this, you need to know that we love our tortillas.  We have shelves full of different types of tortillas in our grocery stores.  When we were in Maryland this summer I walked around Whole Foods in bewilderment.  There was not one tortilla to be found!  Well, in Haiti it's the same (ok- Haiti is nothing like Maryland).  No tortillas.  In an effort to make this new place feel a little more like home, here is my tortilla recipe.

I am not taking credit here, this is just how you make a tortilla!  I simply substitute out the white flour typically used for freshly ground, whole wheat.  And the lard for butter.

This is the rolling pin my daddy made me for my thirtieth birthday.  I treasure it.

2 C whole wheat flour
1 tsp salt
1/4 C soft butter (Heather- if you don't have access to butter use your coconut oil)
1/2 C warm water

(this only makes 4-6 tortillas.  Heather- if I were you I'd at least quadruple the recipe)

Mix together the flour and salt
Cut in the butter
Slowly add the water (you may need more or less, just adjust as you go)

In the meantime begin heating up (medium high to high heat) your biggest pan on the stove top- dry- no oil...I always use my cast iron

Knead together in a large ball
Pinch off sections into little balls
Roll each little ball out into the thinnest tortilla you can make (Moonpie usually does this step for me-she rocks the rolling pin!)
Toss the tortilla on the pan
It will begin to bubble
Flip that bad boy over with some tongs (or fork)
Remove onto a plate

That's it!  They are very easy to make and seriously, they are delicious!  I like to make a big batch for the whole week.


Jana said...

What a good idea!! The blog is a must read for Josh and I as well. Your such a good texan!!

Corin said...

What an amazing family. I think of all the things I worry about and the things that consume my thoughts, and they are so petty when I consider the things that people are doing in the world like this.

Anyway, what an awesome friend you are!

Courtney said...

Thank you for sharing about this family (and the recipe!). I just read through Heather's blog, it will now be a must read for me as well! Heartline is an incredible ministry-I sent for more info on hosting a purse party.

Amanda said...

NO tortillas?! I can't imagine. But I'm guessing So. Cal isn't too different from Texas in that way.

I will pray for your brave, generous, big-hearted friends!!

Aleesa said...

I read their blog daily too! Jana S. told me about it about a week after we returned from Haiti. You are right, reading it daily does help to keep your thoughts and perspective in check.