Tuesday, September 28, 2010

fall: al fresco

Fall has finally hit, and it feels wonderful out!  We simply do not want to be inside!

John has been busy painting away on the house.  Every time I ask him what I can do to help he says things like "oh don't be silly, you're already so busy".  What he's really saying is "you are way too messy of a painter.  I would only have to go back and fix your mistakes.  So please, really, just stand there and bring me an occasional glass of tea."  But he's too nice to say that.  I am fully aware of my shortcomings as a painter, so I'm not offended one bit.  However, I do like to be busy with projects outside when it feels this good, so I've been creating my own- cleaning out garden beds, painting furniture, pulling my back while lifting said furniture incorrectly.

Last night I really wanted to eat outside, but we were having soup, which is not exactly conducive to blanket eating.  I have been lamenting for quite some time now the fact that we don't have an outdoor table.  So last night, I got my act together and made do.  I stacked some old concrete pavers that we had cleared out of my dad's yard, and placed an old door across them.  Voila!  Instant table that didn't cost me anything!  I love the adventure of 'making do'.  Stretching my creativity in repurposing until it's not such a stretch anymore-


- my first response.


Kellybird said...

lovely, lovely, lovely! can't wait to see house when John's finished!

affectioknit said...

I love the table idea! Good one! ...and I love fall!

Steph said...

what a lovely evening for your sweet family! i am looking at for some patio chairs at round top this weekend, so we can enjoy this gorgeous weather! a little group is going on saturday...wanna come?!!!

and hey! your blog is so cute!!!! how did you get that design?

cally said...

I can't wait to see the house!

JOHANNA said...

How DO you do it! I love the swing and the table! The things you can do when you can visualize. Yay nice weather!!

Corin said...

How awesome! Love your new (old) table!!

Fall is such a beautiful and comforting time of year. My fav!

Amanda said...

Oh, that's so inspiring, Mandi! We have an outdoor table but haven't used it in SO long because of the weather, etc. -- this week it's finally cooled off, and I'm bringing some candles out!