Wednesday, September 22, 2010

it's fall

And I haven't put hardly any thought into my fall garden.  I have some ideas, but no definite plans yet.   That's not typical.  Summer gardening wore me out this year, y'all.  It is just so hot out there!  Still!

However, I have been putting lots of thought into other things.  Homeschool, expanding our family, and, well, paint colors.  You know, all those really important things.  We are finally getting around to painting the exterior of our home!

Here is our current color scheme ( I couldn't find a better picture to get the whole thing in- so here are the kids last October.  Happy Halloween!).  The house has been yellow since we've known her.  And it is the perfect shade of yellow for a happy house, but the paint is very old.  At least 30 years old at this point, if not older.  And about 3-4 times a year we have to bleach it down because of the mildew.

 I came across this palette on Sherwin William's site that I really like.

Please check it out and tell me what you think!


affectioknit said...

I love it - that yellow-y gold beside that deep blue - perfect!

Coby said...

do it, do it, do it!

Amanda said...

Ooh, I like the new blog design!

And as much as I love the yellow, the new palette is equally beautiful! Which color would be for the walls, and which for accents?

Mandy said...

Yes! I love it. And, the new blog makeover, too! There's all kinds of changes going on over at your house!

mandi said...

We were thinking maybe a shade between the nomadic desert and foothills for the body of the house. and then possibly the tomato red for the doors. Or maybe that peacock blue. We would do the old window frames in the yellow, but keep the big trim in white. and then possibly the porch in darkroom. If we do blue for the doors, we'll do red for accents on the porch. Or if we do red for the doors, we'll use the blue for accents.

But I'm open to any thoughts on this! Please, bring all ideas!!!

cally said...

Mmmm, you know I love me a yellow house. But if you're ready for a change, I like your choices. I like the nomadic desert for the body and blue for the door...that's a good happy contrast. Then red flowers all over the place. I like it.

You're switching everything up over there! I'm anxious to hear more about - orphans. There is definitely some deep thinking going on.

I've learned that if I'm thinking it, I better figure out quick what my real, banana peeled motives are (you know, after peeling away the layers of stuff you don't need, what's left is the good stuff that sustains you). If I can peel away the selfishness and pride of it, down to what's plain and true and good...I know I better pay attention.

The Lord is my're a wise woman.

Tammie said...

ummm, i will be the nerd and just say that rookwood is a name of a bad guy (deatheater) from harry potter. i am just going to say that if you pick this one, i will think of it when i come over. (and maybe have to say "expelliarimus" under my breath)

Partieof6 said...

love the colors, I think it will look great!!! Also I really need to talk with you if you don't mind getting in touch with me my email is Thanks so much, I thought I had your email but I don't.