Sunday, February 7, 2010

7 days to better health

tip #4

brown sugar : myths and truth

there is a myth out there about brown sugar- that it is a healthier option than white sugar. there was a time when this was true. in the past, brown sugar was a slightly refined sugar that had some remaining molasses left in. but that isn't the case any more.

the truth about brown sugar is that it is made by taking white, refined sugar, and adding a hint of molasses to it to make it brown and kind of sticky. there is no nutritive value to it at all.

if you are looking for that 'brown sugar' taste in baked goods, i would suggest maple syrup. or for treats, i would use unrefined evaporated cane juice (also called rapadura). rapadura contains the vitamins and minerals that naturally occur. i have also used refined evaporated cane juice sparingly, only because it is readily available.

a note and a confession:
during this season of reduced sun light, interior dwelling, and consequently, illness, it is important to remember the role refined sugar has in sickness. for adults, it takes 11 teaspoons of sugar to knock out your immune system for 3 hours, 33 tsp. knocks out your immune system for the entire day. it is even less for children (because they are littler!). one can of soda has 11 tsp. of sugar in it.

now, for my confession. my family considers treats with refined sugar in them as occasional. in the past, i could count how often i had ice cream in a year on one hand. however, our occasional treats and desserts while out have been adding up lately, and i'm here to say "enough is enough". living in the land of ice cream and pie gives me no right to load up on the bad stuff. so we're back to kicking the sugar out.

join me in kicking out the bad! replace brown sugar in your recipes with a healthier option!

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The Kramer Family said...

I really LOVE these posts. They are to the point and wonderful- like this info on brown sugar. I'm still guilty on occasion of using brown sugar and evap cane sugar....yes, they are organic, but still sugar none the less. My excuse has been they are "organic" or "it's homemade", but the effects are still there.

I agree, it's tough living in the land of pies and ice cream oh and Dublin Dr. Pepper (I'll just throw that one in there;).

Thanks for the post!

Kellybird said...

have i ever told you how much i love your blog?!? i just love it.