Monday, January 18, 2010

7 days to better health

there is no better way to begin a new year than by taking better care of ourselves, am i right? when i get the chance to talk to people about health matters, what comes up more than anything else is that the desire is there, but the 'doing it' seems confusing. there is so much information to be found about 'healthy' living, that most people walk away feeling overwhelmed and needing a bit of help.
i've decided to dedicate mondays on the blog to '7 days to better health'. it will offer one simple tip and then give you 7 days to put it into practice before being hit with another one.
the key word here is 'simple'. i don't want to make anyone feel overwhelmed or bad. that is not healthy living, friends!
please also know that i am not a university educated health care professional. i'm a woman that takes matters of health seriously and therefore does LOTS of reading and research. i just want to pass on what i've learned and have been practicing for the past 7-ish years.

7 days to better health
tip #1

cut the white pasta

there has never been an easier time to cut white pasta out of your diet. make the simple change to pick up a whole wheat option over the white, and soon that change will become habit.

my friend jenny always says that 'your home is your haven', you are able to do what is best within your walls. but let's say you are out, or at a friend's house, and the option is white pasta. if you choose to eat it, it's not the end of the world. the real world sometimes dictates what we will eat. any time i know i will be eating out of my home, i try to load up on raw veggies and healthy foods before i go out.

let's say i were going to an italian restaurant for dinner. i would try to eat fiber rich and nutrient dense foods throughout the day, and then have a fresh salad with a little olive oil on it along with my white flour pasta. that would help with the digestion and nutrient absorption that the white flour would, on its own, inhibit.
** i have to also add (because i'm just that way) that eating white flour while out and about should really be a 'once in a while' and not a daily (or even weekly) occurrence.**

if you want to know the 'why' behind avoiding white flour in general, here is a short, yet accurate article. i can't vouch for the source, but the information is spot on.

so that's it. easy enough to say, and truly, pretty easy to put into practice!


RiverBend Farm said...

Mandi, glad to see you post again. I think your idea of a simple Monday tip is awesome. Simple and sweet. How much easier should that be? And with 52 weeks in a year, look at the improvement in one's life!
You go girl!

Corin said...

HA! We just ate our wheat spaghetti tonight! I switched us from white pasta to whole wheat pasta about six months ago and it's so trye that it simply becomes habbit. The first time I tried the wheat pasta, I couldn't believe how much flavor it has! I hands down preffer it over white now.

I love your idea of a once a week tip!

Corin said...

I mean "true". Hahaha...

crockerdile said...

Ugh!!! I just made homemade turkey noodle soup with wonderful organic ingredients but white noodles...wish I had read this yesterday. Thanks for the great tips... I will keep reading!