Thursday, November 5, 2009

a little help. puh-lease!!!

i'm processing half a bushel of apples today from our trip. whew- this is a lot of work! moonpie's stringing up apple rings to dry, and buddy, well...he's playing in the water tub we used to wash the apples. and trust me...that helps- A LOT!


Nicole said...

sweet photo, enjoy your time of making mama : )

Coby said...

when I was in Portland a couple of weeks ago I helped my friend Luke make apple cider with his old school apple press. It was awesome!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Food processing with a toddler is fun huh? lol! What a sweet kiddo with that big apple. :)


nicola@which name? said...

that apple is as big as his head. lucky lucky you! processing takes for-ev-er!!!

Hip Mountain Mama said...

That is one nice looking apple! We LOVE apples around here!

Anonymous said...

that apple is enormous! I am running around like a chipmunk when it comes to apples-- I get panicked when I know that window of fresh picked beauty will soon be gone!:)