Tuesday, November 3, 2009

happy halloweenie!

this is one of my favorite weeks in the blogosphere- getting to see all the great halloween costumes all you creative mamas (and kids) have come up with.

we returned home from our road trip the day before halloween, so we had a little hustling to do the day of. mainly because my little buddy man changed his mind about his costume, on friday. my new mantra is that when i can say 'yes' to my kids, i should, so 'yes' it was.

that afternoon we carved pumpkins...

sissy moonpie had decided on being an angel a few weeks ago, so i had plenty of time to make her little tu-tu. and we found those great feathered wings at target. she wore them everywhere up until the day. they really are beautiful.
buddy had originally wanted to be a race car driver kitty cat, but after viewing a 'larry boy' movie on our trip, he changed his mind. can you believe the awesome-ness of that helmet that john made?
here's what larry boy looks like:
and then the kids got to go trick-or-treating for the first time ever! they had so much fun! except at that one house where the dad was hiding in the bushes and dropped a giant skeletal monster from the tree directly above us. buddy was so scared. i have never wanted to punch someone in the face more than that man at that moment. i couldn't believe he did that. to a 3 year old. his wife was pretty mad too. i figure justice was probably served...

here the kids are getting candy from a 10 year old chaquita banana lady. she was super cute!

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Aleesa said...

I love the costumes!! Matt wanted to be Larry Boy at one point but changed his mind to Spider Man. We had a similar trick or treating situation in our neighbothood where people were lying down in the grass and would jump up and scare the kids. Thankfully, we did not go there or I don't think Matt would have ever been the same. We heard about it from a family who experienced it, with a TWO year old! Do people forget common sense on Halloween?? Why would you do that to small children?!?!
Glad you are back and am looking forward to some road trip stories.