Saturday, September 5, 2009

monkey britches

there is a true imbalance in this household when it comes to sewing - most are for the lovely moonpie. i mean, once you get those little skirts down, it's hard not to sit and just crank out a few at a time. poor buddy!
he has been really loving pajamas lately. i call him diane keaton because he has to be dressed from head to toe at all times. bed time is no different. he wants a shirt, pants and a fedora! this is a new thing. a few weeks ago he was sleeping in nothing but a pull-up, so the pj resources around here are limited. the perfect excuse to wrap my boy in some hand made love!

pay no attention to the toy abyss around his feet. hey- there are my flip-flops!!!

making these little pants were super easy. i took his one and only pair that are a little big on him and traced them right onto the fabric. if i were to do this with a pair that fit snugly, i would add an inch or so for a seam allowance.

for the pajama shirt i dug around in his shirt basket for some shirts that had stains on them. not too hard to find! then i cut out and sewed on some simple appliques from fabric scraps i had lying around.
i have another pair cut and ready to sew up.
buddy just loves his new pajamas. he has been wearing them non-stop since they came off of the machine!

***if you'd like a quick tutorial on these little pants, please let me know.


laura said...

Yes, please, on the tutorial!!!

Kellybird said...


Anonymous said...

I like the title to your post : )
How sweet, great job mama!

Corin said...

So adorable! I really, really admire women who sew! I totally have a machine just sitting in my closet, really need to bust it out. I would just love to do things like this for my kids. Okay, you're an inspiration! It's going on my Fall "to-do" list! Thank you!

mandi said...

you can do it! trust me! i taught myself how to sew and it was a long process to get to the point that i felt good about my work. but my husband would always tell me that i was one project closer to being the seamstress that i wanted to be. his encouragement kept me going!

Jamie R. said...

I would love a tutorial on this!

nicola said...

cute cute cute!
i am with you...i am desperate to find some simple, cute, durable patterns for my little guy!