Saturday, September 26, 2009

favorite bath and body products- #1


i know. you've been unable to sleep. you can't wait to hear what my #1 favorite body product is. well, in an effort not to disappoint, i've chosen nutiva's unrefined coconut oil. to some, this may seem an unlikely candidate for a body product, but trust me, it's the best.

you may have picked up over the past couple of days that i like pure products. i feel that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body. it has been very hard for me over the years to find a lotion that i can feel good about. over a year ago (or maybe it's been 2 now?), my friend jenny told me about the benefits of coconut oil- in my diet and on my skin. i will leave the beneficial nutrients to another discussion, but i have found nothing better for my skin. it is lighter than olive oil and absorbs pretty quickly.

after showering i put coconut oil on my face and all the way down to my toes. i use it in my hair, on my lips, and to take off eye make-up. if one of us has some sort of rash or skin inflammation, i use it on that too (it has anti-inflammatory properties). i've also used it as a carrier oil for essential oils. i should also mention that this is what i use on my children's skin in place of lotions (i'd use it on a baby too).

this product is so versatile! it is a great example of one of the benefits of a whole foods pantry- one product has a multitude of uses. think about it, if i buy a face cream, i am confined to using it on my face only. or in terms of food, if i buy pancake mix, i can make, umm, pancakes. but a bag of flour is limitless. well, for me, coconut oil works in the same way. one product, many uses.

when choosing a coconut oil for your pantry, make sure it is unrefined, cold pressed and organic. you can read more about that here.

there is one extra special benefit of using coconut oil as a body product- you get to walk around smelling like a lovely tropical lady all day! mmm....coconuts....


nicola said...

this is how i feel about olive oil!

cally said...

Does it make your face break out? It's oil, right?

I need something all purpose like this, but I get zits. I'm afraid it will make me feel greasy.

I love you, btw. You inspire me to break away from convenience and use a cup.

I have never really looked past Kotex.

Wanna go to NY with me? Like, when I win the lottery. So we've got time.

lighttraveler said...

I started using Coconut Oil on my face and body about 2 months ago.
It is fantastic. I have Rosacea and Dermatitis on my face and neck. I put it on my face and neck every morning and night. You can put it on lightly during the day and heavier at night, it keeps my face clear of any breakouts. When I put it on in the morning I do it lightly and it really isn't greasy.
I would use it for zits.

Hope that helps

lacysummer said...

we are addicted to coconut oil it is used for everything! lotion, toothpaste base, deodorant, cooking and baking
Wonderful stuff

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