Sunday, September 27, 2009

dear jackson browne

they say you're coming town
you with your silky smooth voice
and that hair
offering lots of shows
so it seems
we were so excited to see you
long time fans that we are
you, a man for the people
against the man
"the pretender".
how could it be that you
and your hair
would charge $150 for a seat?
and you know i'd pay it
if i could
but i have this mortgage
and these mouths to feed.
your die hard fans
would be "runnin' on empty"
after that kind of show
so we'll just have to sit home
maybe wait for the cd.
don't worry
you'll still be my all time favorite pandora station
no one helps me cook up dinner like you.

your fan,


Coby said...


ginnylove said...

This is great! You crack me up silly lady!

Traci said...

Just one more way, motherhood is really spelled...S-A-C-R-I-F-I-C-E

Is his hair really that fab? ;-)

mandi said...

well- i honestly don't care about his hair. that was just a silly joke. because he's known for being a dreamboat.

johnny b said...

and to add more info: $150 was for the last row nosebleed section. $300-400 per for a seat on the floor. acoustic/solo show by the way.

Team said...

At what venue are these $150 seats? I haven't seen any seats this pricey that are being sold by the venue. Re-sale of seats on ebay and such are asking far moe per seat, but will they get it?

mandi said...

hi team-
the venue we were looking up is bass hall in austin

Nicole said...

lol this cracked me up! : )
So great Mandi!