Wednesday, February 4, 2009

got the sicks

we have been fending off colds and such lately, so i thought i'd pass on some herbal remedies for the yucks.
***disclaimer: i DO use doctors! they are necessary and i would never avoid seeing one if i felt like my children were REALLY sick.***

pink eye: we had pink eye go around. but it was awesome because we kicked it really fast! i caught buddy's the moment it came on and applied a warm compress with eyebright and water. i then gave him eyebright orally for 2 doses. he then went to bed and woke up clear eyed. i repeated the doses just to be safe. his never came back. moonpie and i woke up with eyes sealed shut. so i wasn't able to catch it as quickly. after a day of eyebright, we were still bleary eyed. so i gave us a dose of olive leaf tincture and rubbed it all over moonpie. it was gone the next day. mine came back because i accidentally used some infected mascara ( am i in jr. high?). but it was gone by the end of the day.

ear infections: the pink eye led to a cold and double ear infections for both kids. i don't think the infections ever got full blown, but they looked pretty nasty. really red inside. i gave them 3 doses of garlic/willow/calendula ear oil for 2 days. by day 3 they were gone. ears back to normal.

cough: for the deep chesty kind i give marshmallow and mullein tinctures in some juice. and rub it on their bodies- chest, armpits and feet. at night i like to use cherry bark. and we humidify!!!

we are back to a nasty cold for buddy. poor little guy!
so the treatment begins again.


Mandy said...

That's great advice. It's so nice to be able to know what to do to help your kids without running them straight to the doctor with every sniffle.
Your mascara comment just brought me back to jr. high. I can picture all the girls huddled around the bathroom mirrors between every class passing around the eyeliner that they had to put Inside their eyelids. ew! I think I always had my own. I couldn't stand to share makeup even back then.

Rachel said...

Our families had very similar illnesses this month.

You are a wealth of knowledge! I wish I had called you when they were sick. I was able to get rid of my husband's and Annalise's pink eye with breastmilk dropped into their eyes, but it took two days for each of theirs to go away. I used ear oil with Annalise for the first time. I really liked it, but my recipe is different. Do you mind posting yours?

How did you learn so much about herbal remedies? Do you have a book to recommend? I am wanting to learn more, but I don't even know where to start.

Crunchy Christian Mom said...

I was going to ask the same question Rachel did! I really know almost nothng about herbal remedies, and I hate going to the doctor, just to be handed an antibiotic prescription that we could otherwise avoid.

mandi said...

i'll gather some info and post about it. i feel like i'm at the beginning stages of my herbal knowledge, but i'd be more than happy to pass on what i know! soon (hopefully) i'll be starting classes to become a master herbalist. i cannot wait to learn more!