Thursday, February 5, 2009

good news!

apparently the strike has ended and the chickens are laying again! yahoo! we got two beautiful brown eggs today. the first in many (many) months.

and in other good news, when i asked the kids what they wanted for lunch today, they both replied 'salad'. buddy's with 'tans' (pecans) and moonpie's with almonds.

oh happy day!


i just ordered my seeds! more good news for this beautiful day! i mean really, check out our weather:


Crunchy Christian Mom said...

How lovely! I was so surprised when our one Rhode Island Red kept on laying right through the dark, freezing days of December. And the other six hens only took off one month!

Enjoy your lovely weather! I'm sure you have rain on the way soon! We had a warm week, and now it's raining finally.

Between Hitching Posts said...

I can't wait to start going through my seeds for this years garden. I keep putting it off so as to not get to excited for spring.