Thursday, December 18, 2008

thrifty thursday

i have been a thrifting fool lately. it seems like we are at our local thrift stores weekly- usually on thursday. in honor of my new favorite past time, i am creating a new blog feature entitled, 'thrifty thursday'.

here's a rundown of my five favorite finds (and trust me, i'm being generous- $10 buys A LOT):

a vintage bridal veil for moonpie's christmas ($2)

milk glass tea cups ($1 each)

for my messy spoons ($1)

lovely velvet and satin covered hangers ($1 for 7!)


The Kramer Family said...

How cool! I haven't gotten in to thrift-ing in Brenham yet so you'll have to get me caught up on the good places to go and the best days to go on. Can't wait!

I love your finds!


cally said...

I love those teacups!

johannapule said...

I love the teacups! Also, the hangers were an awesome deal. We live right behind a goodwill, I need to go check it out before the baby gets here. Yay Thrifty Thursdays :)