Saturday, September 13, 2008

I (don't) like Ike

Ike has passed and we are well. Lots of rain and wind, but nothing crazy. We are 'hunkered down' with our evacuees (John's parents), reading, playing, crafting and having a touch of a stomach bug. My parents and John's mom are all still in Houston without electricity, but thankfully safe and dry. We are still awaiting a verdict on my dad's house. They live on the Gulf bay and were expecting storm surges of 25 ft! Rumor has it that all is well, but they haven't been able to get back into the area because of major flooding.

Here are a list of my favorite technical hurricane terms that have emerged this time around:

cone of uncertainty
hunker down (way cooler than 'shelter in place')
cat 2 (category 2 for all of you outside of the 'cone of uncertainty')

These terms have given us lots of laughs. As did the person dressed in a bear costume on the sea wall in Galveston.

So yes, there have been laughs, but worry also as most of our families live near I-45 and close to the coast. We are beyond thankful that they are safe.


Steph said...

Ah, man! I missed a bear on the sea wall! How did I miss that?!!! The TV has been on in our house for 3 days!

I think you should move on that hunker-down t-shirt idea!!! Very funny!

The Kramer Family said...

Wow! I missed the bear too. I'm super sad about that. I did enjoy watching Geraldo be a drama queen on Fox News.....good times.

Glad you guys are doing good and your family is safe. We have tons of family that are in the Houston area still without power. They may eventually make their way up here. I seriously can't imagine no power with has nasty as it feels outside right now. Muggy!

Jason's in Houston tonight working at the fire station. They are super busy!

Anonymous said...

So glad you and your family is well. (as well as the kramer family, I cannot seem to comment at her blog!) Keeping you all in my thoughts!

Mandy said...

hunkering down - is that new with this hurricane??? it's all over the place and i don't think i have ever heard it before.

we have power again! hooray! we told the kids it was just like we extended our camping trip, but bear corrected me and said that we had air conditioning in our cabin. ha! we did have to walk across the driveway to potty, just like camping, though.

i hope your family can get back to their homes soon. i know that's rough.