Tuesday, March 26, 2013

don't wait

my current spring garden

Anyone else out there dreaming about their own little piece of land?  Somewhere out of town with enough room for chickens and goats and pig and bees?  Maybe enough woods to get lost in, but enough sunshine for a garden?  Oh, and a meandering creek to explore!  Cannot forget the creek!

This is my dream.  

But I learned a while back that I don't have to wait to live my dreams.  My just right property may never come.  My life outside of town may just never happen.  I decided in our last home to just jump in.   To dig up the front yard and plant gardens.  To add chickens to the back.

And now we are in a home that we do not own.  I have not let that stop me.  I may not be building on our forever property, but I'm not going to let that keep me from planting.  I have blueberry, raspberry and blackberry bushes coming in.  Those are things that are supposed to sustain you forever.  For us, it may not be that long.  I didn't want to wait!  

one of our girls getting broody!

We have our chickens.  We have our garden.  We are waiting for fall to add a flock of meat birds, and maybe some dairy goats.  Please let there be dairy goats!

If you are stuck in an apartment with no yard, and wishing for a little extra space...don't wait!

If you are living in the suburbs and dreaming of small town living...don't wait!

If you are in the middle of the city and thinking that you need just a bit more space...don't wait!

the urban community garden begun by my mother in law in downtown Houston

If you are living in small town America where the neighbors will surely talk...don't wait!

By beginning your homesteading journey now you will be living out your dream.  Put the books down and jump in with both feet!  The only regret you will have is not starting sooner!  Trust me- I know this from experience.

Everything doesn't have to be just right.  It doesn't have to be your forever place.  Begin experiencing the life you want right now!

a basking bee on one of our spinach plants

Don't wait!


Courtney said...

I took your advice! I jumped in and we planted our garden last weekend. We used an old cow feeding trough from my parent's place in Hallettsville. So, its pretty small (6x2) but its a start! Thanks for your encouragement!

Erin Gandy said...

I love this. I often feel things aren't just right or my kids are too little for me to keep up with gardening (ages 2 and 1). Thanks for the encouragement!


Becky said...

being in california, there are pretty strict zoning laws regarding animals...but i've decided when the house is done and things settled a bit - chickens are in order. we dream the same dreams - of escaping to the country and living off the grid as much and as simply as possible - but until then...i hope we can move forward with a touch of it all here in town. thanks for this post and reminding me to keep my resolve.

The Farmers Nest said...

Love this post! I remember not wanting to plant fruit trees when we first got here because I didn't think we would be here in 5 years when it was really producing and here we are 5 years later with no fruit trees. I guess I should go get them even if for the next owners.

Kim Corrigan-Oliver said...

I totally agree with you, don't wait! Anything and everything is possible you just have to jump in and do it. Dreams are made for living :)

Jen Torok said...

love, love, love it! my husband and i put raised beds in our front yard last month and have loved all the lettuce and stuff we've been growing. just germinated squash and melons for late spring and summer.
had a hen go broody 2 months ago - tried to break her of it, but then caved and bought some fertile eggs online. hatch day is Saturday!
living my dream (just on a smaller scale)

Anonymous said...

You are so right Mandi...why wait? Tomorrow is nor here, meanwhile, your dream continues to grow and grow :)

Megan said...

Thank you for this! I've been dreaming of being a homesteader for ages! We live just outside DC so who knows if the day will come! We have taken to planting our own garden, but the dreams of having chickens and beekeeping don't quite fit in with the HOA rules ha! I'll continue to dream but this is a beautiful to reminder to live fully right where you are!