Wednesday, January 9, 2013

water paints with children

We have rain forecasted for most of this week.  We have been under a burn ban since late December, so the rain is much needed and appreciated.  Especially since John built me a fire pit for my birthday!  I'm ready to have friends over again and get that thing lit!

One of our favorite "in the house all day" activities is water painting.  It isn't a fancy craft, but it keeps us busy and happy.  Add some Enya on Pandora and we have a peaceful afternoon creative outlet.

When water painting with children, it is best to purchase the best you can for your budget.  There really is a marked difference between the pallets that are ready made, and the liquid paint that you add water to.

To prepare liquid paints, get a small cup or jar.  Squeeze a bit into the bottom of the cup (I bought a six pack of shot glasses at the dollar store).  Add water half way up and give a little stir.  I like to leave a concentrated amount at the bottom so the child can determine the shade of color they would like to use. A more diluted, lighter shade, or a concentrated, opaque shade.  They can do both using the same cup of paint.

It is best to only use water painting paper for projects.  Printing paper will rip apart or dry warped.  Water paint paper ensures a nice weight for proper absorption and distribution of color.

A great project for this time of year is the winter trees over at Meet the Dubiens.  It was a good opportunity to discuss negative space in art.  And it turned out beautifully!

No after pic here...

go create!


Kim Corrigan-Oliver said...

What a great project, thanks for the link. Will be giving it a go with the little man next week, thanks!

T.J. said...

OOOH I love the idea of negative space! We haven't done that one and my son is very much into watercoloring.

Thanks for sharing- I;m so glad I stumbled upon your blog :)