Tuesday, December 4, 2012

cuddled in

Birdy is a bit under the weather.  It may just be teething (can we just blame everything on teething for the next year?), or it may be...more.  I'm not positive.  Isn't it the hardest to see a sweet baby not feeling well?

But here is the good.  She wants to be comforted by me!  When I put her down to have a free hand for a minute she crawls over to me and pulls up on my legs, reaching for me.  And last night, when she was up for the third time in three hours, I gathered her into bed with me, and she fell back to sleep.  Generally she is a girl that loves her space when it comes to sleeping. But there she was, nestled into the hollow of my body, sleeping like she belonged there.

Oh how I want her to know to the depths of her soul that she belongs there.

Here.  With me.  In me.

Today is bound to be a long one, as days with sick babies usually are.  But there is always the over riding sweetness found in the fact that every hardship we get to walk her through, brings us closer together.  And every time that little head rests on my chest (when just six, short weeks ago she would rather stay up-right than cuddled in), I wonder if she can feel my heart pounding with the pleasure that it is to be her mama.


Amy Robertson said...

Mandi, I love you guys.

Reading about your little Birdy is too much for me.

I am so glad you two found each other.

PS Have you read Ben Hewitt's blog? Just google his name. He's a writer I found through Taproot, and he's speaking your language.

PSS I have a little home-ing gift for Birdy that I shall send, and does she still need little mocs? I just checked, and Noni's are size 6month. (They are a bit too small now, but that girl is little!) Would they fit Birdy, do you think?

Amy Robertson said...

Oh, and excuse my rudeness, but of course, I hope Birdy is back to her old self again soon. Feelin' better.

Kim Corrigan-Oliver said...

Oh I do hope your little one feels better soon, a sick little one is not fun. Enjoy the snuggles and cuddles though :)