Thursday, July 12, 2012

a peek into Buddy's world

This is the first home we've lived in where the kids each have their own room.  Moonpie seems to enjoy this more than Buddy does, however, he has a space of his own that he really likes.  I am by no means a designer, but I like what I like.  Even better, Buddy has specific ideas about how something should look. He is six, but has the soul of an old man.  He likes old stuff, particularly old cameras.  He likes to put stuff together...and take stuff apart.  I worked to create a space for him that gives him areas to create and build.  Lots of floor space, and a place for all of his collections.

(think of this as less of a "room tour" and more of a documentation that his room can actually be clean)

Most of the items you see here were purchased at the thrift store.

Lamp- $2, desk and chair- $30, phone- $1, map- $3, polaroid camera- $3, funky Cadillac mirror- $2, the large shelf was gifted to us, as was the book shelf.  The wooden boxes are the crates that Melissa and Doug blocks come in.

Buddy likes to keep his current Lego creations on his shelf, so I display them in the wooden crates.  That way the little pieces that tend to break off can stay put for easy reattachment.  I keep one crate of books in his room that I try to rotate weekly.  The rest of the children's books live in our hallway closet.

These framed prints are steampunk graphics from The Graphics Fairy.   Buddy is totally steampunk and doesn't even know it.

Buddy's bed was gifted to us by a family friend.  Can you believe it?  It is about 150 years old!  Isn't it beautiful?  It is a 3/4 bed- half between a twin and a full.

We found this huge piece of drift wood at the beach.  Buddy likes to wrap his stuffed python around it or use it in battle scenes.  The targets on the wall are bb gun targets from the feed store.  Their color and shape appealed to me and I thought they'd look really cool grouped on the wall.  The whole package cost me $2.  The dresser is from Pottery Barn and was gifted to us.  So grateful for this!  It is the only modern made dresser in the whole house with drawers that just glide open and shut.  You come to appreciate something like this when all of your other dressers are over 70 years old and you practically pull the whole thing down on top of you when trying to get your pj's out!

 All of his Lego's are stored in a giant box under the bed.  He also has shelves in his closet that house his other toys.

Moonpie told me yesterday that his room looks "official and grown-up".  I'm not sure if that is a good thing, but she assures me it is.  As long as Buddy likes it, I'm happy!


JOHANNA said...

Ummmm can you come decorate my house? Can you also introduce me to your friends so they can gift us some cool dressers and whatnot.

Hendrick Family said...

I love it! And we have that same skate board. Aaron's dad gave it to us. It was his when he was a little boy. So sweet.

The room is beautiful!

Rosie_Kate said...

It's so great! I love all the decorative touches. It's so boyish-- yet very unique to him.

RiverBend Farm said...

Oh, yeah, I'm lovin' that bed! And that is crazy that he loves all that old stuff ...for a six year old!!
Hey, I'm getting busy on my softies!

Traci said...

love it Mandi!! ohhhhhh...., the Lego love... ;-)

Joyeful said...

Love this!! That desk and lamp and phone--too cool!! I'm a big thrift store junkie and I'm going to be redoing my boys rooms soon. We're homeschooling as well and it's tough to contain all the "stuff". Great ideas!