Wednesday, June 27, 2012

calling all sewists! {edited}

So here's the thing- waiting for a baby is hard.  Waiting for a baby that is not in your own tummy is really hard.  Waiting for a baby that may not end up coming into your home at all is terribly hard.   In the mean time, why don't we get our sew on in honor of this precious baby boy?

I am teaming up with our adoption agency/ homeless ministry to make softies for the children that they are rescuing out of traumatic situations and placing in loving homes.  There are around 10,000 homeless people in Houston, and 25% of those are children.  The majority of these children are living in survival mode.  They are not thriving, they are surviving.  Wouldn't you just love to bring some hope into their lives?

Little Footprints in Houston is doing that.  They are on the streets offering love and meeting the spiritual and physical needs of these children.  In some instances, the best thing for the child is to be removed from their current living situation and placed into a foster home (LF calls their families Rescue Families or Rescue Homes).  We learned in our training that some of the children that are being rescued are living in motel rooms with their prostitute moms.  Mom turns tricks in one bed while the kids are in the other.  Some of the children being rescued are being tortured.  Actually tortured.  Tied to chairs, burned with cigarettes, sexually abused in unimaginable ways.  I met a baby girl that was 10 weeks old.  She was rescued at 8 weeks.  She was living on the floor of an abandoned house.  The adults living in this house were on meth and using survival sex.  She was on the floor in the corner.  A newborn, on the floor.

You can imagine how hard it was to sit in training and hear story after story.  Some had happy endings, they were placed in homes that could offer them the family they needed for the time that they needed them.  Some did not have happy endings.  Some ended with children remaining in homes where they were being raped daily.  Some ended with children dying at the hands of a mom's jealous boyfriend.  Sitting in training, my mind was working.  How can I help Lord?  What can I do?  And then I was reading an account in the book Quilting for Peace that jogged a memory.  I remembered hearing about police officers and fire fighters collecting teddy bears to give to children that they were rescuing from trauma situations.  I thought "why not for the little feet of Houston's streets?  Why not offer them something to hug and love to help ease anxiety?".

That brings me to this, to you!

Would you please consider sewing up a lovey?  A little softie friend for one of these sweet children?   Would you maybe even consider getting a group of friends together for a sewing night?  Sew a little, chat a little, eat a little?

The nitty gritty:

Buddy holding "clementine" made from the speedy quick OWL pattern

  • There are so many great, free patterns online.  In my short perusal I found this bunny, this monkey, this owl, and for the littlest feet, this sunshine.  So thankful for the women that took the time to put such greatness online for free!  (those different color words are links- please click on them!)  If you already have a softie pattern that you love, please use that one!

The adorable Molly Monkey Doll from mmmcrafts-
just a sample of one of the MANY patterns you can choose from!

  • While you sew, would you please pray over the child that will be receiving this gift?  Pray for their safety, for their healing?

  • Most children that are being rescued are between newborn- four years.

  • I'm shooting to have a box full by the end of July.  Can you help with that?

If you are interested in taking part in this, THANK YOU!  Please email me for an address to send your softie to.  Please write "softie" in the subject box so I won't delete!  My email is:

mandiandjohn (at) sbcglobal (dot) net


cally said...

I would love to!

RiverBend Farm said...

Mandi, this is wonderful! would a variety of different size blankets/loveys be welcome?

mandi said...

Hi Berte!
When I spoke to the director, we talked specifically about using softie dolls. But- I have a friend that is putting baskets together for new rescue families. I know that a sweet blanket would be much appreciated in one of the baskets. It could be passed on with the child. Thank you for your willingness to share! You too Cally!

Traci said...

I sure think this sounds so good. Was nursing to sleep my wee one when I read this and now just cannot put him down after reading your description of rape, 4 yrs and under? Oh, dear Lord! just sick. I am appalled at the suffering. And even still, no life is a mistake as God does not make mistakes. Gunnar is quite smitten with the owl. No promises for an owl factory but, we will see what we can come up with here. Thank you for sharing this.

Mandy said...

Love this!

Hendrick Family said...

Oh yes. I only saw the monkey and was sad that I could not possibly make such a thing. I'm way more inspired by the owl. Super cute!


The Southern Housewife said...

Holy cow, this breaks my heart. Just breaks it in two. I wish I had found this sooner as I don't think I have time to do anything by the end of July. :( Let me know if you'll be doing it in the future.