Monday, March 26, 2012

busy weekend

This weekend John finished the new chicken coop.  I have been a bit obsessed with A-frame architecture lately, and he sweetly took that into consideration when he designed the coop:

The back has a fold down door for easy egg collection for the kids.  And they can comfortably fit in the small run so they can feed and water the chickens.

When the little bits get bigger, we'll place this coop into a larger fenced in area so they can free range.

As I was walking around the coop, surveying the handiwork, I had a little shadow- Mr. Gingersnap kitty.

He kept wrapping around me giving me leg hugs.  He's the sweetest kitty ever.

I got to spend Saturday at Bee Keeping school!  I have been trying to make this school for the past three years.  Now that I actually have space for bees, I was most happy to make it this year.  I learned so much- too much!  I cannot wait to start my bee adventures!

In other news, it is spring in Texas!  And here in Central Texas that means one thing- bluebonnets!  Consider yourselves warned!


amanda {the habit of being} said...

love the coop!!!

Rosie_Kate said...

Looks like great things are happening around your place!

And the bluebonnet thing is new to me, but I keep hearing about them... I'm just such a northerner...