Sunday, February 12, 2012

setting in

this rose bush was the only living thing on the lot
when we moved into our old house
Our recent move has started feeling not so recent any more.  We are feeling at home and very comfortable in our new town, our new church, our new home.  We love that we are close enough to our old town to still see friends, run into people we know at the store, and make it to story time at the library every now and then!

my calendula was doing so well!  I was very pleased!

Our house has been on the market since December, but has seen very little foot traffic.  We get tons of internet hits, but only one couple has taken the bite and actually scheduled a showing.  They went out yesterday to see the house, and we are still waiting for some feedback from that visit.  I found myself speaking blessings over their visit all day- "They are going to love the way the light dances across the hardwood floors", "they are going to love the giant closet in the kid's old room", "they will love the butler's pantry" etc.  This was better than my original thinking of "Oh!  I hope they don't mind paneling popping off of the walls!", or "Dang- our backyard looks rough!".  Positive thoughts, positive thoughts...

the rosemary was out of control!  I wanted to pack all that
goodness up in my pocket and bring it back home with me!

We went to the house this week to prep it for the showing.  It is empty, but we wanted to work on the yard a bit and dust the place.  While sweeping the rooms, my mind was playing tricks on me.  I could see my couch, our baskets of books (everywhere!  Oh the baskets lining the base boards in that tiny house!), and children running in and out of the door.  When I walked into the kid's old room to give it a good sweep, I was overcome with feelings.  We bought that house when Buddy was six weeks old!  I could see his little crib in the corner, hear his little knees swooshing on the floor as he crawled across the room to me.  I could see Moonpie in tutus and wings dancing around their room.  I could see their bigger selves jumping on beds and snuggling up together at bed time.  It finally settled into my heart that we were really done.  Not just with the house, but with that season of our life.  And as wistful as I can get about my two bitties not being so bitty anymore, I'm also comforted to know that this home we are now in is the perfect one for this season of our life.

possible garden plans (still in revision)

And we are making plans!  We spent some time the other night mapping out what we wanted to see happen in the garden.  Moonpie has an up and coming egg business, and Buddy is going to help with market garden we have planned.

Buddy's market stand

Market garden!  I am beside myself!  The goats and the bees are on the back burner for now as we focus on the work of the garden, expanding the bunny yard and setting up for the chickens.

Moonpie's proposed bunny area

I know that this isn't our forever home (we do not own it), but for this season of our life it is just right.


amanda {the habit of being} said...

so exciting to feel settled in time for garden planning! wishing you the best in selling your home -- should be a lot more traffic come spring!

Amy said...

Oh, Mandi. This made me cry.

I am glad for you guys, settling in, your new space. My oh my, how the time does fly.