Thursday, February 16, 2012


I have really been enjoying making this new house of ours feel like our home.  Like I've mentioned before, we do not own this house, so we will be making very minimal changes.  I am not going to change out light fixtures, and I probably won't paint- much.  We have a goal to save, save, save, for a future piece of land and I'd much rather have my money go there.  With that said, we have been gifted with some lovely pieces lately that I've been reworking to fit into our space.

This is a very old piece that was given to us by a family friend (she also gave us a beautiful bed for Buddy).  I usually am drawn to more streamlined furniture with simpler finishes, but I found this piece to be charming and an upgrade from my garage sale cart that ( I'm using it in the picture below) I had been using to hold our record player.

I painted it with some leftover No-VOC paint from our bathroom at our old house (which I also used in our current bathroom).

Look how cozy our records are inside!  The whole collection fit perfectly!

Another poorly lit photo.

I really love how it turned out!   And I was able to finally hang the plates my sister and John gave me (they were in cahoots and had a big box of lovelies shipped to me from ModCloth).  I actually painted the chest that color specifically to match(ish) my plates.  I love them just that much!


Knox said...

That is such a cute piece of furniture! Good call replacing the cart. ;) It kind of pains me to see some beautiful tiger oak painted not stained, but I must say, the paint is stinkin' cute. Especially with those plates. :)

mandi said...

Yeah- I totally get that! Here's what went into our decision to paint. When we first got it, it was stained kind of a honey color and it was cracked on the doors. We sanded it down intending to paint, but once it was sanded, I really liked the natural color of the tiger oak. However, it is in the music room that has tan walls, a brown piano, lots of brown guitars and a brown cd case. It needed some color. BAD. So I went ahead and painted.

arianne said...

Oh, it makes my heart pitter patter. Lovely work.

Traci said...

beautiful! love the collection and player..I have wanted to do that for a long time and cannot seem to get it going..never too late though..thanks for showing this!