Thursday, January 5, 2012

new year's tree

On new year's day we hauled our Christmas tree out back and began setting it up for the birds and squirrels.  I had some fruit from a couple of fruit baskets we received that was past its prime, so I sliced it up and dehydrated it over night.

Buddy poked holes and Moonpie slid the strings into place.  I marveled at the sunshine coming through the dried orange slices.

After we had our fruit ornaments ready, we hung them on the tree.  The kids made up new words to "Oh Christmas Tree" as we decorated!

We have decided that we will continue to add to the tree as the days go by.  Next on the list is a popcorn garland and some peanut butter and seed pine cones.

This was such a fun way to begin our new year; taking care of our new neighbors in our backyard!

We saw a robin red breast for the first time yesterday.  He ( Moonpie grabbed the bird book to determine his sex ) was quickly run off by a territorial blue jay, but for that brief moment, we were pretty excited!


Shalini said...

What a fun idea! (I need to dust off the dehydrator and do something with it.) We have a fake tree, though. I don't think the birds would appreciate it nearly as much as your tree.

Rachel said...

That is a really sweet idea! We may need to do this for fun and decorate our small oak tree in the backyard.

Ann Winston said...

Mandi what a great idea! Just tonight I walked past our poor tree on my way to the compost pile and thought how sad it looks just lying there waiting to be disposed of. Now that I have this idea my tree is going to get a second chance to be useful and pretty! Thanks!