Monday, January 16, 2012

flowers for moonpie

Know what I love even more than getting flowers from my husband?  My little girl getting flowers from my husband.


Moonpie has been wanting some extra daddy time lately, so this morning he asked her to go on a date with him.  He came home from work with a bouquet of daisies wrapped in pink paper and a purple ribbon.  I wish you could have seen the shine in her eyes when he handed them to her.

She put on a dress, we fixed her hair, and they were off.

John and I have worked with teenagers for about 17 years now.  Here is one thing I have learned over that course of time- if a little girl doesn't feel special to her daddy, she is going to look for it elsewhere.  If the first time she ever gets dressed up and has a man tell her that she is a knock-out is when she is on her way to the prom, you better believe that trouble will ensue.

Moonpie hears that she is beautiful about one million times a day.  You'd think her name was "Beauty" because that is what she is called most of the time.   Tonight, when she was in her dress, with her hair neatly combed and her lip gloss on just right, she walked up to our bedroom door and knocked on it to let her daddy know she was ready.  He opened it and saw her sweet little face beaming up at him.  His eyes lit up as he told her "wow!  You look so beautiful!".  That child's face shone like the moon reflecting the sun.

She knew it.

She knew she was beautiful because her daddy told her so.


The Farmers said...

This is the stuff that makes my heart melt. I love how you can see this in a little girls eye even at a young age. On Sunday mornings when I get Little Miss dressed for Church the very first thing she wants to do is go show her Daddy. I'm so happy Moonpie has a Daddy filling her love tank.

Steph said...

AH! I just love this post!

Shalini said...

Oh! So sweet! And she is a beauty!

Knox said...

Love this. What a sweet daddy your little girl has.

5 Chicks and a Farmer said...

this made me cry. so very true and perfect.

for some reason, there is something that fills a girl up just right hearing the words "you are beautiful" from their daddy.