Sunday, December 11, 2011

Free Real Foods e-course!

I'm coming out of recently moving/ Christmas a-coming hibernation to tell you guys about this great opportunity!  My master herbalist training program is offering a FREE e-course this January called "8 Weeks to Real Foods".  I have learned so much from my master herbalist program.  I'm positive that this e-course will be informative and even life changing for some!  If you are wanting to eat a whole foods/ real food diet but uncertain where to start, please consider taking this course.  It will help to clear the clutter of all of the misinformation out there.  And did I mention it's free?!?!

Go straight to the information page to sign up today!

Also, if you are looking forward to the upcoming semester and wanting to integrate some herbalist training for the kiddos, check out the herbal books for kids and the newest one for tweens (to be released in the new year).  Great information!  You may even learn something as you teach it to your kids!

PS- will you let me know if you decide to do this?  I would love to cheer you on!

I am an affiliate for Vintage Remedies.  Any time you follow a link through my blog and purchase an item, I receive a small compensation (which is very nice, but mainly I do this to share the word about good health).  Thank you for your support!


Maegan Beishline said...

Thank you for the link! I just signed sounds great!

Partieof6 said...

I signed up....looking forward to this.

Joy Johnson said...

I signed up. I've been wanting to do this for several years but was too stuck in a rut. Thank you for this easier way to do it with a plan.