Tuesday, September 6, 2011

our day in austin

I have a new little niece that will be here very soon!  I cannot wait to see her sweet little face and just breathe her in.  We recently met my brother, my very pregnant sister-in-law (who looks fantastic, by the way), and my sweet nephew for breakfast and park time in Austin.  It was so much fun and truly my dream Friday.  Does anyone else have these fantasies of meeting up with family every Friday morning for breakfast at a great cafe and eating pancakes as big as your face while having lively conversation over the voices of all of the cousins?

While there I was finally able to give them the pants I made for sweet baby Mae.  I was given Anna Maria Horner's book for Christmas, but this was my first time to make anything out of it.  I had only intended to make one pair of pants, but they are so very fun to make!  So one turned into three sooner than I realized.

side A

the flip side

Oh, and there were the head bands.  Because I can't leave well enough alone.

After breakfast and gift giving, we headed to Zilker park for some fun!

At this point we parted ways and headed to Deep Eddy pool for a lazy afternoon of swimming.

We had a wonderful day in one of our favorite cities, with some of our favorite people.


Amy said...

Buddy is TALL!

angie said...

Looks like a blast! We have got to get to Austin some time. I too have yet to make anything out of that book, those pants are too cute and you have inspired me!

The Farmers said...

Buddy looks so big! Looks like a perfect day with family.

ssm said...

*sigh* that sounds like a perfect Friday. I may go make some pancakes right now, even though it's Wednesday and I have to go grocery shopping instead of swimming. Details.

Simply Stork said...

head bands too...of course lol


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a perfect day to me!

Maegan Beishline said...

I love this space you have here, Mandi! I'm going to have to take a look at your 'bookstore'. We are putting in a rather large vegetable garden next yeaar to help us to a) grow our own food {duh} and b) help us in our organic eating. But it's all so new to us! And og my goodness...I just saw that you guys are trying to adopt! That's wonderful! We really need to talk somewhere other than in your comment box but I will just say that I am adopted and I'm currently trying to start up an adoption ministry at our church! Such great stuff you have going on!

embracingitall said...

The pants you made are so cute. I have Anna Maria's Book too and I am itching to make things out of it. I just seem to have too much of a backlog of sewing though! How exciting to know you will have a sweet little niece to cuddle so very soon. Jacinta