Thursday, September 15, 2011

my sister's birthday

Moonpie's birthday post card (I smudged her real name out)

There is this great picture somewhere of my older sister and I together- I am sitting in some sort of 70's baby carrier and she is sitting next to me in all of her three year old glory.  She is leaning towards me showing the baby blue eye shadow she so expertly applied to her lids, her sweet little face framed by her golden Tennille haircut.  This is one of my favorite pictures of us.  Her being such a big sister, and me just basking in all of her loveliness.
I love my sister immeasurably.  She's all the way out in California, and sometimes I get so homesick for her that it makes my heart hurt.  And if I could have one wish today it would be that I had a Scarry-esque apple helicopter so I could span the distance between us and share some ice cream with her on her birthday.

to the one who taught me how to wear high heels with my Wonder Woman underoos so stylishly
how to read (as a 4 year old)
how to lay out on the trampoline (even though I would get really bored and start bouncing you)
how to pluck my eyebrows (against my will) and
how to see Jesus in every one I meet

To the one that let me sleep in your bed when I was scared
or lonely
or confused by what was going on in our home

To the one who turned on the Christmas carols every Christmas Eve and threatened that Santa would not come if we did not go to sleep
who taught me how to spend my money
who taught me how to give generously

To my one and only sister
my dear
my heart

Happy birthday to you.

I love you.


my sister and moonpie, 4th of July


Courtney said...

I am so glad you posted this! I didn't know today was her birthday so we will send her a birthday text message!

You totally made me tear up reading your ode to her! Yall are so special and your relationship is beautiful!

ssm said...

Truth: i burst into tears when I read your daughter's card. (I may be missing my family a little bit this morning.) So sweet.