Monday, July 25, 2011

farewell cocoa

photo credit:  Moonpie

This weekend we lost our last little chicken, Cocoa.  She was a beautiful araucana and laid green tinted eggs.  After we lost Blackberry, she developed a bit of a crow.  We thought that maybe she was crying out for her buddy, feeling a little lonely and lost without her sidekick.  She spent her last days roosting up in our live oak tree- we couldn't get her in her coop at night to lock her up safe.  Poor little thing.

We are still on the quest for the raccoon.  He is old and smart and will have nothing to do with our live traps.

We've decided not to replace the chickens until we catch him and remove him from the area.

It's weird not the hear the cluck-cluck of happy hens first thing in the morning.

I miss them.


KnitterMama said...

Oh those darn raccoons. We lost one of ours to one too. We did catch the mama finally in a live trap but it took her a while to bite, so to speak. Here's to catching the ole' bugger.

City Sister said...

Sorry to hear about your chicken...we've lost 3 in the past month, Here's to a new batch soon?

Rachel said...

How sad! Poor chicken. I'm sorry you won't get fresh eggs anymore, too.

Rosie_Kate said...

Oh, how sad! I really hope you catch that wily guy... And that you can get more chickens very soon!

johannapule said...

That's so sad! Get that old racoon!!

Amanda said...

Oh, Mandi, I'm so sorry you've lost Cocoa, too! :( I hope you catch that mean ol' racoon soon!