Wednesday, January 5, 2011

simple kitchen

Here is a simple and fun lunch that my family loves!

I hope yours does too.

Green Chips

If your family is like mine and enjoys eating locally and in season, you are swimming in an abundance of greens right now.  Something we like to eat is "green chips".  Spread a small amount of olive oil on a pan, chop up greens (we used collard here but my favorite is kale) and spread on a pan.  Try not to overlap.  Sprinkle some raw cheese on top and a dash of salt.  Set the oven on the broiler and let the greens broil until they have some browning on some of the edges.  When you pull them out and they begin to cool they turn crunchy.  They are delicious!  Really- my children jumped up and down when I pulled these out of the oven.  They are great on their own or can be used as a topping for pretty much anything.

Whole Food Nachos
wherein I attempt to make nachos sound healthy...

On Sundays I like to make a big pot of beans that will last us for 3 or 4 meals during the week.  I make them in the crock-pot - so easy!

This week we had black bean nachos and the family was raving!  I mean, this was really easy.  If only they were as enthusiastic about the butternut squash and kale lasagna I make.  Now THAT takes effort.  I digress.

Our local supermarket (HEB) carries an organic corn chip with red quinoa and flax in it.  That is the base layer here.  Then I spooned on some beans, grated up raw carrot over them, added raw cheddar cheese and placed under the broiler.  When I pulled them out I added the green chips.  Then we put a spoonful of plain yogurt on top (you know- for a sour cream effect).

It was such a flavorful and filling lunch.  Go try it!


cally said...

mmm. I try to eat a lot of kale (because it has loads of iron and I'm anemic), but usually I just blend it up in smoothies because it's so bitter. I am definitely trying this. genius my friend.

The Farmers said...

Yum! We had black bean nachos this week as well. It's my favorite bean.


I keep waiting to see a post revealing that big box from IKEA. My guess is counter tops.

Rachel said...

Yum!!! I have a ton of kale growing in my garden that no one in my family will eat but me. I'm going to pick some and make some chips today. We might need to try those nachos, too. I love your healthy nachos!

Rosie_Kate said...

I was so blinded by jealousy, I almost couldn't finish this reading this post! I would love to be swimming in greens... :-) I'll have to remember your green chips when I have greens. You know... in May.

And nachos absolutely can be healthy! Yum!

lacysummer said...

We love Kale chips with lots of garlic add. We also add it blended up in kefir blueberry honey smoothie. Just found your blog through Soulmama.

amanda {the habit of being} said...

actually the nachos sound great - might be a way i could kid my kidlets to embrace the mighty bean!

you shop at HEB? i've not ventured around your blog enough to pinpoint a location but i'm guessing se texas? they have them where my grandparents live ;-)

also. have you tried creme fraiche? we love sour cream but the store bought stuff has unnecessary ingreadients so i make my own - yum!