Thursday, November 18, 2010

thrifty thursday

I haven't done a thrifty Thursday post in...a while.  Probably over a year.  I don't want any of you to be worried though!  I still hit the thrift store almost every Thursday.  Phew!  I know, what a relief!

I always thrift with my children.  Our thrift store sells children's paper backs for $.25 a piece.  We hit half of the store and then make our way back to the books.  They sit for about 15 minutes and look at books.  They can then choose their favorites, and we move on to the second half of the store.  While I'm digging through sewing notions, they usually just sit and look at their books.  Sometimes they dig with me if they are trying to replenish their own crafting supplies.  I know lots of people thrift alone, but this system at this stage in our lives works for us.  And truth be told- I really do enjoy their company!  It's fun having someone to model crazy hats with!

I realized a while back that thrift shopping can be as big a trap for me as the Kohl's one day sale is for other women.  If I saw something that I liked, I jumped on it with little thought.  I began to feel conviction over this, because spending is spending.  And rarely it is about the amount, but more so about the accumulation of stuff.  We like living small.  Small living requires discretion about what comes into the home.  I really had to realign my thrift store spending.

With that said, I have a confession.  I have restraint problems when it comes to vintage trays.

Exhibit A)

This is where it all started for me.  This mid-mod mermaid tray.  Here is a close up of the detail:

Isn't she lovely?  And I truly had noble intentions for this one.  I needed a place to hang my chicken scratch recipes that I scribble out while I'm making something.  These trays are magnetic!  Yes!  Beauty with function!

Here is what it usually looks like:

 Recipes stuck to it, surrounded by crazy ingredients.

And then along came Handsome Man:
Exhibit B)

This guy is huge.  And oh so lovely.  Here's a close up shot:

He guards the cookbooks.

And then, the little ladies:
Exhibit C)
(these pictures are horrible.  sorry about that.)

I like to pretend these little ones have a purpose.  I use the top one for guest's jewelry and the bottom one for Moonpie to use as a sorting tray for her math work.

Moonpie working out her tens and ones.

So that is the collection.
So far.

How about you?  Any thrifty treasures you have a hard time saying no to?


Jana said...

I'm a cake plate girl. Apparently I only like exspensive things to collect which is why my collection is so teensy. Where do you thrift around here?

mandi said...

giiiiiiiiiirl...if i told you that you might take all the good stuff.

just kidding!

higgins branch (or as we call it "higgi b"). my all time favorite. i also hit the crisis pregnancy center thrift store (which the kids call "little higgins branch). there's also the senior center, which has half off sales on wednesday.

Courtney said...

I love to look for cheese graters- the old, rusty tin cheese graters that come in all sizes. Before kids, I put candles under them and they made beutiful luminaires- they get hot quickly that is why I don't do that anymore. Now, they decorate my kitchen walls. Not very functional, but I love them!

By the way, we did get the raw milk. We bought enough to freeze-we have one gallon left. Have you ever done that? It sounded weird to me to freeze it but the lady at the dairy farm said it could be done. Tommy and Isaac drink it, I don't care for it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Amy said...

I miss thrifting! Zach and I say we're thrifty whores, which I'm not sure is entirely appropriate or relevant, but I do feel like I just can't say no to almost anything in a thrift store. Cassettes, records, books, little tee shirts, scarves, sunglasses, coffee mugs, wine glasses, frames to repurpose, on and on! I don't go much because my boys still like to grab and break everything and they don't think it's too much fun if they can't (grab and break everything.) Miss you guys!

Nicola (Which Name?) said...

Sweet finds!