Monday, November 1, 2010


Seems like we spent the entire week celebrating Halloween.  I know we didn't, but the sugar induced crazies sure do make it feel that way!

On Thursday we made our annual Halloween trip to the Nursing Home.  We decided to hand out bananas this year.  Moonpie made little tags and tied them to each banana.  Buddy added heart stickers.

I grew up visiting nursing homes with my parents.  It is such a gift to me to share this experience with my children.  I love seeing Moonpie's comfort and delight around the elderly.  Buddy is still very shy, but he will stand by my side as I visit.  They are charmed by his bashfulness and that sweet little face.

Here are all of our precious friends that joined us!

Ooh look!  A sneak peak at my freshly painted doors!

On Friday we attended a party.  Moonpie was very distraught by the idea that I wasn't going to be dressed up.  So at the (very) last minute I became country mouse from Town Mouse, Country Mouse.  The funniest part to me was that I was already wearing this outfit. I just pulled up my hair into ears and drew on my nose and whiskers!

On Saturday the kids went to a halloween festival with their papa and mimi.  By Sunday I was declaring war on candy and "any food that comes in a bag!!!".  

On halloween night my brother-in-law was married.  We had tons of fun and because of all of the merriment leading up to the big day, we didn't even miss trick or treating one little bit!


Rosie_Kate said...

Oh, your costumes are ADORABLE! Makes me wanna just pinch Buddy's cute little cheeks! :-)

Coby said...

more house pics more house pics more house pics!

Amanda said...

The costumes are adorable, and what a awesome tradition to visit a nursing home!

I had very ambivalent feelings about Halloween this year. I always do, but especially now trying so hard to avoid sugar. It's not exactly the most meaningful holiday once you take the candy out of it-- especially since two of mine didn't even care to dress up! Anyhow, I'm glad you found a special way to make the weekend fun, and I hope everyone recovers from the sugarfest soon! :)

And, no, I hadn't heard of that author, I'll look him up!

affectioknit said...


cally said...

HOUSE! I can't wait to see...the doors look awesome!

Nicola (Which Name?) said...

Love love your house colors! We have similar ones. I liked your previous colors, too.