Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Remember the big ol' road trip we took this summer?  All the way to Pennsylvania and back?  There was so much beauty to behold on that trip.  From the people we met to the waterfall we slid down- it was all so lovely.

While we were in Western North Carolina (my mistress state, as my friend calls it), I made a resolution.  I resolved that when I returned home I would try my hardest not to pine for the mountains, the rivers, and waterfalls that this area abounds in.  I resolved that I would find the wonder and the beauty in that which surrounds me at home.
Moonpie relaxing in a tree.

A few weeks ago a friend invited us out to her new home.  Her  home is very close to a campground on a lake- about 15 miles from me.  She suggested that we go out there and check out some of the nature trails- and I'm so glad we did!  It was beautiful- and just what I needed.
The next weekend we loaded up and went out again as a family.  This time we explored the lake front, and of course, the lake.

We did a little hiking and found this amazing tree covered in Spanish moss.  It was like a dream.  I wish you could have seen it with me.  It was so huge and welcoming.  I've been thinking about that tree this week, ready to go back and sit under it again.

I  must confess that this morning when John rolled over to check the weather for the day, my heart dropped a little when he said "high of 92 degrees".  I may have mentioned to him how I wish we were back in our little cabin, high in the Blue Ridge mountains.  But that thought doesn't make me any less thankful or amazed at what I have here.


Traci said...

Nice post Mandi. Sometimes just the familiar gets too familiar. I am happy you found new beauty out there in Wash. County.

Joy said...

James and I struggle with the same things after we go on a camping trip to the New Mexico mountains or take a child to Glacier National Park. Seriously. We long for the mountains; I long for the rushing rock-bed streams. Maybe I should put a bunch of rocks on the ground and run the garden hose over them.....but it wouldn't be the same....!