Wednesday, August 11, 2010


All you Buck-eyes out there- are you constantly singing OHIO by The Pretenders? Because I have been for the past day since we landed here. It's on a loop in my head. That is my gift to my family- keeping it in my head!

Yesterday we woke up in Franklin, TN in the parking lot of the Gracepointe Church. It was by far the prettiest church parking lot I have ever seen. We were surrounded by green rolling hills and a creek. The night we rolled in we were delighted to see fireflies all around. We don't get those in our part of Texas. It was hard to convince the children to come in for rest! On the path over the creek, back to the camper we spotted a bat flying overhead. Moonpie was quite positive that she felt less mosquitoes biting her once we saw that bat.
While in Franklin we got to hang out with some teenagers after their Bible study and give some gear away (skateboard, t-shirts and stickers). Much to my delight we were able to host our old friends the Eckebergers in our camper. Before leaving for this tour I had visions of friends sitting in our camper visiting with us. So yes- it was a dream come true. And yes- I am a nerd.

We blew through Louisville, KY yesterday afternoon and stopped at this giant public park. It was amazing. They had a full-pipe, which made John very happy. Unfortunately it was way too hot to spend much time there. It was about 105' in the park itself. All that concrete. I was praying that no one would hit the ground. I'm pretty sure half their face would have stuck there. We met an old guy skater- like John. They were able to talk a bit, but it was too hot to have a real session (that's what cool skaters call skating together- kind of like a play date. Haha- don't tell John I called it that!).

Now we are in the world's most perfect little town in central Ohio. It is about the size of our town, but surrounded by state parks and a small liberal arts school. The town is heavily influenced by the artists that live here, and healthy food is easy to come by. The kids had a whole wheat crust pizza with spinach and bananas for lunch. They tried to convince me that it was delicious. I have my doubts. And the salad bar- would it bore you too much if I went on and on about the beauty of the salad bar?


Our wifi has been awfully sketchy. I forgot the chord to my camera back in the camper- sorry about this picture-less post. Hopefully I can load some and post them tomorrow. You have to see the lovely hike we took this morning. I am convinced that I could live in a forest with craggy rocks covered in pillowy moss.


The sun has come out after a brief but heavy noon shower. We are off to the skate park and to discover a little more of this lovely town.

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