Tuesday, July 6, 2010

sending out a S.O.S

Remember our God. Family. Skateboarding. tour I told you about last week? Well, we have our itinerary set, skateparks found, churches lined up, the stage at the purple door fest set, now we just need...a RV!

If you have a friend of a cousin of a grandma that has a RV, please, hook us up! We need to either borrow one for the three weeks of August 8-23, or rent one (for hopefully a lower rate than commercial rental places). Or, if there's someone out there that just wants to unload one that may need a little work, we are a non-profit. You can get a tax write-off for your donation! We need a true RV, not a trailer- we don't have a truck to tow it behind.

Thank you for helping us think on this!

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Frank Bennett said...

Hey girl, so excited about your tour!! Are you going to be in the north Atlanta area? Are you only going to established skate parks? Frank was thinking it would be fun to have you in our area. We at least would like to come and support you if you are anywhere near us. Let me know what's up when you have a moment. Thanks, Suzanne