Thursday, July 15, 2010

the gifts...

We had such fun celebrating Buddy's birthday yesterday! Thank you for your well wishes for him!

There was some home made love being shown here yesterday and I wanted to share.

Buddy finally got his robot, the one he picked the fabric out for last year (he received 'Spaceboy' for Christmas). He was more relieved than happy, I think, to finally get it! Robot man was promptly tied to the back of the monster truck trike and taken for a ride around the house!

And now on to the stars of the birthday present show. Moonpie made him a race car track with four race cars ("because he's turning 4, mama"). She left it blank so he could color it himself. I was so touched by her creativity and thoughtfulness. Truly, the most perfect present for the birthday boy.

And then- the nesting dolls! Buddy loves to play with nesting dolls at his Grandma and Grandad's house, so I thought to get him his own set. I found some plain wooden ones on Etsy, and John painted mustaches and wooly eyebrows on them! Buddy loved them! Who wouldn't?


Becky said...

I just love seeing what you creative people come up with! Sweet big sister's gift was the best! =)

Traci said...

I love the masculine nesting dolls...good on ya John! Perfect from Dylin, great pic. I think it is cool she knows enough about cars to draw them! The robot is cool..want to see in person. That is cool to blend a handmade with something they really want at the same time...not always easy to do in this seductive toy world. Great work Mandi!

Amy said...

Yeah, awesome job, Mandi! Also, Levi looks so old and lanky. Happy birthday, buddy!

Nicola (Which Name?) said...

Very very cute presents. Creative, too!
Happy FOUR to the big boy!
What a cutie.

Amanda said...

Happy birthday, Buddy!! Four is awesome! Somehow I didn't realize how close in age Buddy and Littlest are! :)