Wednesday, June 23, 2010

summer nostalgia

This summer I have been finding myself turning back to some summer staples of my own childhood.

My kids have been loving their updated version of the original Slip and Slide. As a child my siblings and I had The Wet Banana. Do you remember this knock-off? The sprinkler was shaped like a banana! Oh man, we loved that thing! Now I can hardly watch as my children hurl themselves at the slide. Ouch.

I have always been an avid reader. Summer days for me meant endless books. I remember going with my dad to work at our church. We had a library at the end of the hallway where his office was. This library was like a dream for me! It was full of old, dusty books. And it was empty. What more could a girl want? I would sit in that dark library, finding a spot where the sunlight was streaming in, and read. All day. My favorite was Heidi, but I always enjoyed good biographies. We picked up this book at the library yesterday. However, our copy is not this newly revised one. It is close to 60 years old! Can you believe our library still has it? We are reading this to prepare our imaginations for our upcoming road trip in August. More on that later!
Ahh, nothing is better on these hot days than a popsicle. Now, our pops never looked this cool when I was a child, but we always had the store bought kind on hand. And when we didn't, the ice-cream man always provided!
I bought this mold last summer and we use it daily. Sometimes more than once, if you know what I mean!

Yesterday Moonpie requested that we put up "one of those old rope swings" on our live oak in the backyard. Isn't this one beautiful? It is made of reclaimed wood, and the rope is untreated. Nothing says summer nostalgia to me more than a good old rope swing.

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Nicola (Which Name?) said...

I am with her on the rope swing. We have one and a tire swing, too.