Wednesday, June 30, 2010

sleeping beauty

The children and I were up early this morning working in the garden. I had not mulched my tomatoes, and the heat is really beginning to take its toll. We went out to the chicken run and shoveled up some leaves that have been breaking down since the fall. I'm hoping they will be sufficient in helping to keep the moisture in.

While we were out, Buddy found this little beauty creeping up our trellis!

This is a sleeping beauty heirloom melon. They are small and good for tight spaces. Especially climbing. After a little hunting we found three more coming in!
Since we have the melons climbing, a little additional support was needed to keep the melon from falling off of the vine. Enter- the melon moby wrap (made from a pair of Moonpie's hole ridden tights):

I'm sure some adjustments will need to be made once it begins to grow, but I'm hoping this will hold for a few days.


Rosie_Kate said...

I am experimenting with climbing melons this year, so I will have to try your "moby". :-)

Also, I know that you live in a warmer climate, but I just find it amazing that your June garden is like my August/September garden. What does your garden do in August and September? Does it just keep going like this all summer?

mandi said...

Rosie Kate-
Aug. and Sept. are pretty bare bones in the garden. It is dreadfully hot and we get very little rain, usually. If I am on top of things and watering about twice a day, it will keep going. But usually I'm tuckered out by then! I tuck the beds in and wait for fall planting.
June has been abnormally wet here, with the hurricane blowing in under us. So we'll see what August has in store.
I'm like you- always so interested, and surprised even, to see what the rest of the country has growing!

Mommy, M.D. said...

I adore it! It looks so sweet.

I'm officially giving up on growing melons. I disappoint Jonas every year when we plant them and never harvest a single one.

Becky said...


Nicola (Which Name?) said...

AWESOME! I have melon envy, although I have several volunteer vines coming in now that fingers crossed are melons!