Tuesday, June 1, 2010

great weekend

We had a wonderful weekend full of old friends. A young man that we worked with in our former church was married Saturday. I couldn't get over that this kid we had known since he was 13 was getting married. John officiated the ceremony so we got to spend Friday and Saturday with the family. The group of friends that came up for the ceremony were kids we have known for about 10 years. Now they are all big and starting their adult lives. It was crazy. I had this moment when I was watching the bride and groom dance their first with my Moonpie and Buddy in foreground blowing bubbles at them. I was watching Buddy reaching as far as little toes would lift him all the way up to a tiny bubble floating overheard. And it hit me. One day, he was going to be that handsome groom, dancing with his new bride. Whoa.

Most days it is hard to see past the smooshed banana on the floor, the legos spread here and there, and all those sweet hugs and belly giggles. It is difficult to remember that his daddy and I are to be preparing him for man-hood. To one day be a leader, in his community and his family. Again, whoa.

For me, it has been so helpful to actually sit and pray over these things. To look past the work of the everyday to see what is to come. I'm one of those mamas that tears up at the thought of my kids being all grown-up, but I must. That's my job, after all.


Gabrielle of Design Mom said...

Such sweet thoughts on motherhood. Thanks for sharing them.

kathy gail said...

So glad you're aware of these things now. Even at that, the time will fly by because when I look at Levi, I think of John David at that age and, oh, my, it just doesn't seem like it was that long ago. If Levi's choice in partners is as good as John David's was, we're in for some good things! Love you!