Monday, April 26, 2010

there's a fungus among us

a fungus has attacked my fingerling potatoes.
on the advice of my friend (and farmer) jenny, i had to dig them up. give the other plants a chance at survival.
i must say, it was a bit painful digging up those five plants. i had such high (read: delicious) hopes for those little guys.

you can see the small potatoes that were forming. there were four to six on each plant. i hope this means that the rest of the plants are producing this many. i still have 41 potato plants. that's a lot of potatoes!

not all is lost. i made buddy gather up all the babies- we're going to eat them anyway!


Amanda said...

Oh, I'm so sorry about your potatoes! My plants looked beautiful last year, but I didn't get any spuds out of them. Couldn't figure it out.

It *is* so funny how we're growing the same things at the same time! Are you in zone 9?

P.S. Does Buddy's mother smell of elderberry? ;)

The Kramer Family said...

awe man! it was a virus after all. that stinks. well, they took one for the team i guess. long live the remainder taters!

Nicola (Which Name?) said...

My nectarine has a fungus. Ick.
41 plants is still a lot. A lot more than my 0! LOL

Rosie_Kate said...

Probably a blight... My potatoes often get this... and I actually ignore it (lazy...). Last year it was really bad all over the US, though we didn't suffer too badly I think because our soil is getting healthier.

But still, this year I have a plan. Try this: spray all your plants with raw milk diluted in water. Maybe a quart of milk to a gallon of water (you could dilute it even more if milk is precious). Use a watering can to sprinkle it all over the ground as well. The good buggies in the milk combat the bad buggies that are making your plants sick.

Most likely the fungus is in your ground and it will easily spread to the other plants, so prophylactic use of raw milk might stave off further attack.

mandi said...

Rosie Kate-
You are a genius!
And raw milk is precious here, but I'm willing to do what I have to do.
You're right. The soil where I planted the potatoes is the unhealthiest I have (as far as planting space goes). Thanks for thinking it all through for me!