Friday, January 22, 2010

favorite book friday

i found this cookbook, the harvest eating by keith snow, in our library this week. i like how the book begins with his story- starting from his early love of food, working in million dollar restaurants, and then developing an auto-immune disease. that, coupled with the birth of his first child, led to his current passion- eating seasonally and locally.
this cookbook differs from other seasonal cookbooks i've read in that it is not organized seasonally, but more like a typical cookbook (example: all the soups are together). i prefer the seasonal grouping, but that is just a personal preference.
the recipes here (and there are over 200 of them!) are pretty basic- which i love! it really seems like a work out of a whole foods kitchen in any home. when cooking with whole, seasonal foods, you become creative- and that shows up here.
one of my favorite aspects of this book is the 'cookonomics' section in the back. it is here that all the basics are spelled out. and some not so basics, like how to make creme fraiche.
what comes across most in this book, is that this is a man that is passionate about good food (righteous food, as my friend brad calls it). and he desires to pass that passion and all of his wisdom onto us. i love that.

for more information on what keith snow is up to check out his website this will also give you lots of yummy recipes to try out.

and if you're stumped on finding local food- check out

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nicola@which name? said...

i am going to have to look for this book, thanks. i am focusing a lot of food right now. i think i am having immune system issues and food is my starting point.