Tuesday, October 13, 2009

our weekend

along with a little a welding, a little dirt turning, and a little rain barrel construction, we went to a little autumn festival.

with little horses! have i ever shared here my love of all things tiny? big horses are a bit formidable to me. but miniatures! oh my, i could have a whole herd of these in my backyard. there is plenty of room in the chicken run!
this annual festival is at st. clare's monastery and miniature horse farm. this was our first year to attend, and we had such a good time.

moonpie and this man were fast friends. he let her hang out by the fence while he was watering the horses in between rides. they chatted away about horses, her kitty, and more! when it was her turn to ride, they talked the whole way around the ring. he even went one extra round. i like to think that he just couldn't get enough of the delightful company!

the games were sweet and old fashioned. here's buddy rolling the pumpkin! (this is the point he wondered aloud if the nun was in her halloween costume...ahem.)

after each game the kids were awarded a ticket- whether they won or not! some games were not even manned. you tossed a bean bag, and then got your own ticket. and then, in the middle of the grounds were a couple of buckets filled with prizes. you exchanged your tickets, on your own, for a prize. there was no one there to check for honesty-
just an expectation, that everyone would do the right thing.

i loved that.


Kellybird said...

your pants are festive! also, were you to inherit a miniature pony, you could just put him in your backseat... i've seen it done...

Traci said...

Love it! These things would be so fun for the mamas if we got together as a group to do this but, the time for the little ones for learning, with just mom, is too precious to spoil. Fantastic! I am a little jealous.

nicola@which name? said...

how fun! the kids look thrilled!

Jamie R. said...

Hi Mandi--thanks for leaving a comment--you've been in my link list for a while :) I think I found you through Heather, too! Really enjoy reading your blog!

Mandy said...

how fun! i love that they had the honor system going. i have to play catch up on your blog. (btw - one handed typing rocks!)

Crunchy Christian Mom said...

So sweet! Looks like a lovely way to spend a day!

Have a fabulous vacation, Mandi!!