Monday, September 14, 2009

menu plan monday

only a 3 day week this week!

b- pancakes
l- leftover split pea soup
d- veggie lasagna and salad
(soak oats for breakfast)

b- oatmeal w/ walnuts and raisins
l- veg stir-fry w/ brown rice
d- salmon w/ pesto & noodles and salad
(begin starter for bread)

b- eggs
l- picnic at the park
d- pizza night!

hit the road- maybe muffins for the road???

by the way- i'm going to try get the monkey britches pajama pants tutorial up tomorrow night


Mommy, M.D. said...

um, excuse me????

why isn't this up on family supper club?

you have some explaining to do, young lady.

nicola said...

you are so so so smart. i go in and out of meal planning, mostly out, and i kick myself regularly.
we repeat a lot of simple, quick meals around here.

Corin said...

Oh my gosh if only I were this structured!!! Hahahaha! You amaze me woman!