Tuesday, September 22, 2009

favorite bath and body products


i have been wanting to post about my favorite body care products for a long time, but i kept getting hung up on sharing this one. i mean, it can lean towards tmi, and i wasn't sure if i wanted to go there. but here i am. this is an insanely good product and i would be remiss not to share it with other women.

the diva cup is a menstrual cup that is used similarly to a tampon. but it can be used up to 12 hours at a time, has no weird chemicals in it and is reusable.

i have rated the diva cup my #5 favorite product, because i find it to be a tad difficult to use. but once it is positioned properly, i love it! it's like the crock-pot, 'set it and forget it'. well ok, maybe not just like the crock-pot...

women have reported that using it cuts down on cramping. especially those with chemical sensitivity (like myself).

bottom line: the diva cup takes some getting used to, but once you get the rhythm down, it is great! and highly recommended!

(if you are more interested in a natural pad solution check out gladrags or make your own)

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Kellybird said...

this is actually very helpful to me... thanks so much for posting!

Rachel said...

Does this mean you are posting a series on your favorite products? I can't wait!

I sewed my own pads from patterns here: http://shewhorunsintheforest.googlepages.com/home

mandi said...

oh yeah- i didn't mention that at all! yes! i am posting my top 5 faves over the next couple of days! sorry for being so elusive : )

nicola said...

have you ever tried the keeper? i am trying to decide between the two. i have used cloth pads for years now, but want a tampon replacement for swimming, etc.

Steph said...

this is hilarious to me, mandi...but I am not poo pooing it completely. Seriously!

AND! I followed the link to some other links and the best part of what I found was that you can chose the fabric for your reusable panty liners. I'm having a hard time choosing between the cupcakes and the poodle pattern. Toss up.

I hope you know...you're one of my favorite people! :)

Traci said...

You know you are granola crunchy when you begin to use Diva cups and mama cloth right Steph! I made my own post partum pads as well as maxis and liners for two of my births and prior to that, I used a Diva. When I am not pregnant or breastfeeding without a period, I use the Diva and a cloth liner during the day. When you cloth diaper a baby, you can toss your pads in with the dipes and hot wash together. The fact is...with the Diva, you do not have the dry, pulling feeling that a tampon creates at the beginning and end of your cycle when your flow is lighter..I hated that before the Diva. (There you go Mandi..tmi!) Word of caution: You will get your hand(s) dirty changing it but, again, it is only every 12 hours. I felt very confident using my Diva both in what was touching my body and in comfort and reliability..go for it..try one!

Cheryl said...

I actually wanted to try one but then got pregnant with T! I still plan to try it out when I get a period again. (Not looking forward to it though!)

Aleesa said...

I have always wondered about these but have never had the nerve to try one. This is probably TMI, but I have a fear of it getting stuck and going to my dr. for help, lol.

The Kramer Family said...

I have recommended the Diva Cup to several ladies....I have personally never used it to date since I got pregnant shortly after purchasing the Diva Cup (now I'm nursing:). Anyways, the ladies I know that are using it are LOVING it! Its pretty leak proof I've heard especially for those with heavier periods. A good selling point for me (because I'm a Diva Cup Independent Distributor...just kidding:) was that gymnasts and horseback riders wear them. Ha! Seriously though, I've heard lots of "sporty" girls love them.

Stacey Tabor said...

Thanks for choosing The DivaCup as one of your favorites!

All the best,

The DivaCup Team

Email us anytime or check out the site, www.divacup.com

Miss Ellaneous said...

Sincerely considering switching. However, one concern: What if you have to change in a public restroom? The sink is pretty far away from a stall and if I were to bring spare ones I am not going to put the used one back into my purse.

mandi said...

Public bathroom usage...good question!

I have never changed mine in a public bathroom that was a multi-seater! But here is what you could do:

a) rinse it with a bottle of water (i rarely leave the house without a bottle of water)
b) carry a small amount of wet wipes and use that to clean it and then clean really well when getting home
c) wipe out with toilet paper and use a spare

*remember that you can wear these for close to 12 hours so if your timing is right, you won't have to change it while out!