Thursday, September 24, 2009

favorite bath and body products- #3


i love, love, love this toothpaste. i mentioned yesterday that i have chemical sensitivities. for years, my gums would occasionally swell and bleed after brushing. i always thought i had some sort of gum disease, but thankfully, it never was! when i started using natural toothpaste years ago, i started with tom's of maine. it was the only one readily available. and it was great. i used it for years with no problem. until one day, they sold the company to colgate. not too long after that, my gums started bleeding again. i turned the bottle over and discovered they began adding sodium laurel sulfate to the product. a-ha! after seeking out an alternative, i came across this weleda variety.
just like bronner's, i pretty much would use anything weleda puts out. they are one of the highest rated companies for purity. here are the ingredients for this toothpaste:

needless to say, i never have any problems with my toothpaste anymore! (for the mommies out there, i use the weleda kid's toothpaste for the kiddos).


Cheryl said...

Oh man, I knew you were going to post something that I would want to order!!! I am going to try it. I use Kiss My Face but *shaking head* haven't actually looked at the ingredients. Now you've got me thinkin'. Thanks girl! I'm loving this series of posts! =)

nicola said...

i didn't know tom's was sold to colgate! is SO hard to keep up with all this stuff. you might be interested in this:


The Kramer Family said...

I'm glad you posted about your fav toothpaste. We purchased the Weleda Calendula Toothpaste and it was beyond horrid. Awful grossy yuck! It was like brushing with a licorice stick and I hate licorice.

I will have to try this one for sure.

Don't buy the Calendula flavor by mistake people!