Wednesday, July 15, 2009

guess who's coming to dinner?

hopefully you are.

with 10 of your closest friends.

because this is my csa share this week! look at all the colors...all the possibilities (ratatouille, stuffed zucchini, stewed okra and tomatoes, pesto, pepper pizza, salsa to can, and a small batch of pickles)!

to break it down, that is:
8 lbs. of tomatoes
2 lbs. of okra
7 varieties of summer squash
1 lb of peppers
3 eggplants
2 onions
1.5 oz of basal


i must confess that i received a double share of tomatoes and okra. there is a gentleman who always seems to be picking up around the same time i am. he is very interesting, always telling stories (like his recent travels in france). he gave me his share of tomatoes and okra this week. what a lucky girl i am!

and, so my pretty little tomatoes don't feel left out- this is what i harvested from our garden the other day.


Diane said...

It is such a blessing to have home grown food. Co-ops are a great idea!

Kellybird said...

i'm coming for dinner! i don't even like tomatoes, but those look beautiful!

Becky said...

We've been getting so much homegrown vegetables (thanks to my parents) but I'm always up for more...what time should we be there?!