Friday, June 5, 2009

favorite book friday

two years ago we traveled up to portland, or to visit my brother and sister in law.  they had a friend that loaned them a box of toys and books for us to use the week we were there.  jamberry was one of the books included.  i recently picked us up our very own copy while thrifting.  when i read it i am taken back to that lovely week in fall, where fresh berries were being sold on the street corners, or free for the pickin' on all of the hiking trails we took.  this is a fun read, with words like 'razzamatazzberry'.  lots of rhyming and a rolling text.

i'm off for the weekend.  today marks the 10th year of my marriage to my beloved.  10 years!  yowza!  we've known each other for 20, which is even crazier.  he is whisking me away to an undisclosed destination.  that is so much like him- always full of surprises and adventure!  gotta go pack...!!! 
(for what, i'm not sure.  snow skis?  wet suit?  unitard?  oh please god, don't let me need a unitard!!!)


Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary! OOooo, I can't wait to hear where your DH takes you. What a sweetie! We picked up Jamberry from the library for the first time this week. We LOVE it!! And are very ready for berry season.

nicola said...

and i love this book, too! i have not scored it thrfiting, but when our school book club had it, i bought several to give as gifts!

Mandy said...

How fun! Are you taking that sweet kayak?

Mandy said...

i can't believe you left us hangin! i know you're home by now!!!