Monday, May 18, 2009

menu plan monday

the kids are getting awfully squirrelly lately.  i'm pretty sure i can point most of that to a lack of schedule around here.  i am so reluctant about scheduling.   i like the easy breezy flow of just doing what needs to be done, when it needs to be done.   but i know i do better when i have some sort of schedule to go off of.  i do better, because the kids do better.  there is less bickering, more focus and more obedience.  and that's what i'm serious about- obeying the first time around.

after getting the kids down last night i had some time to sit and think, write a loose schedule for us and plan our menu.  it's easy this week because we'll be out of town for half the week.  but hey, it's a good place to start!

B- soaked oatmeal (w/ coconut oil, coconut flakes, almonds and banana)
L- chicken salad (with my homemade mayonnaise!  it was so easy that i'm ashamed of myself for not making it before!) on pita w/ carrot sticks and strawberries
D- vegetarian tortilla soup (made stock last night), cornbread, salad

B- eggs, green smoothie
L- bean, rice, swiss chard burritos (beans taken from mon. night soup)
D- roasted chicken, potatoes, squash and salad (going for an ALL local dinner- that makes me so happy!- nerd alert)

B- blender pancakes (this is a soaked recipe from hallelujah acres, if it's yummy, i'll post it)
L- (left over) chicken tacos, carrots, fruit
D- CSA pizza

B- kishk
L- swiss chard fritatta, skillet potatoes
heading into houston for the weekend


Crunchy Christian Mom said...

I need a schedule for me, I'm not sure the kids care too much. But I can get wrapped up in projects and To-Dos if I don't commit time to just having fun with the boys, especially if we're home for a stretch instead of having fun elsewhere.

I should probably start with a menu for the week, since I've been really lazy about that -- it's too HOT to cook!

nicola said...

oh, just the kind of reminder i need! looks like we share some things in common. :)
i linked here from the comments at soule mama. nice blog you have!

Coby said...

am I the only guy who follows your bloooog? Am I like Buster from Arrested Development? Like mom once said, I'm "just one of the girls."

Steph said...

Hey! I'm glad you're back too and congrats on the mac!

I can't wait to see your home improvements! I might just have to pop in...perhaps tonight around dinner or tomorrow around breakfast. :)

Just kidding...but all your meals sound delicious! I am always so impressed with how you have actual meals for every meal! Around here...for breakfast it's cereal. for lunch...sandwich. :)

Again...welcome back!

Mandy said...

I'm so glad you're back! I need to get on a schedule, too. Everytime I get on one, it's not long before we get thrown off. I need to be persistent!