Thursday, March 26, 2009


we went strawberry picking yesterday! we picked about 11 pounds of berries.

moonpie was serious about her berry picking. at no time was she near me. she zoomed down those rows, filling her basket not once, but twice! after 2 full baskets i asked her what she thought about how sweet they were. she hadn't even tasted one! give that girl a job and she is on it!

buddy, on the other hand, thought he was for sure in heaven. all the strawberries he could eat? and he got to hunt them down? the above picture is of his proximity to his basket. uh-huh, he was no where near it! who needs a basket when you have hands?

and a mouth?

on our walk back to check out he asked me to hold him because his legs felt 'all wobbly'. i picked him up and noted how heavy he was, he replied 'it's all dos strawbewies i ate'. probably so...

and here is what we did with some of our bounty. strawberry jam cooling alongside a loaf of crusty bread. i was really dreading all of the sugar i was going to have to put in the jam, but when i got to the store i found that ball jelly is now offering a sugar free pectin! that was VERY exciting to me! i added a cup of fresh squeezed apple juice and 1/2 a cup of honey to 4 cups of strawberries and then one packet of pectin. it seems to have set well, but i'll let you know after we actually open one!
the jam was a true team effort. moonpie cut off the stems and halved each berry. buddy mashed 'em all up! we also made strawberry muffins for a road trip we're taking tomorrow and put some up in the freezer. man, without my little helpers i don't think i could have gotten it all done! i'm worn out just thinking about it!


Brandi said...

i'm worn out just looking at it! where was the strawberry farm?

let me know how that recipe turned out. i thought the sugar free pectin that i saw had some other artificial sweetener, but maybe i didn't find the same one you did. good to know!

Mandy said...

So sorry I didn't go now! I just couldn't though. We've been running too much lately. Look at all those yummies you and the kids made - what fun! Sounds like it's a good thing they didn't weigh Buddy on the way in and out. :)

Aleesa said...

Where was the farm? I have been looking for fresh strawberries to make jam with. Getting to pick them would be a true treat!!

I cannot believe you had the energy to make the jam and blog about it after spedning the day picking. You go girl!

Crunchy Christian Mom said...

Fun, fun! We haven't gone berry picking yet, but that door-to-door strawberry salesman was back this week. :) So, of course, I had to get two boxes and make more jam! We'd already gone through five jars in the last three weeks!

I used the no-sugar pectin, too, because that was all I could find. But I didn't buy apple juice, and just used half the sugar -- 2 cups instead of 4. It's SOOOO good!

Steph said...

Ok...I too want to know where you went!!! I've never been berry picking! I want to go to there!

mandi said...

we went to king's orchard in plantersville. for those of you not in the area, check out
for farms near you!

Brandi said...

where did you find the pectin? i didn't see it at heb.

and i'd love to see that muffin recipe.